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Quick Introduction for first-time visitors:

What Egora means +
“Egora” is a contraction of “electronic” and “agora”.  Agora is an ancient Greek term meaning “public space”.  For ancient Greeks, the agora served as an open place for people to socialize, hold discussions, play games, give performances, and trade goods.  The Egora follows in that ancient Greek spirit, except it is an internet platform that also enables intelligent and efficient political organization.
What you can do on Egora +
First, Egora is the perfect tool for humanity to gain a better understanding of itself.  By using Egora you will become better equipped to learn why other people think what they think.  More importantly, you will become better equipped to discern why you think what you think.  Be prepared, “Honesty is the price of knowledge”.  But no matter what, Egora is a space where you are safe to be yourself.


Second, Egora is a place where you can find other people who share your perspective. Through this forum you can meet other people who care about the same issues that you do, and you can develop coalitions to achieve common goals.  By the same token, you will encounter people who oppose your goals.  But, you should think of this as an opportunity to discover why your goals are different and to agree on goals that serve everyone fairly.
Thirdly, you can use Egora to create or support a political campaign for any eligible public office position in the world.  For more information about this possibility see “Politics on Egora” section, below.
Egora is free +
Egora is free to use and subject to copyleft (including all content, except externally copyrighted material).  However, be prepared to be engaged by solicitors of various ideas and offers.  Do not forget, “Compromise is the price of expression”.  But, if you are dissatisfied with this Egora, you are free to create your own version of it.  Egora welcomes all competition!
Politics on Egora +
Egora is the home of the International Logic Party (ILP).  Egora is used by the ILP to organize itself, and it is administered by a member of the ILP – the Filosofos Vasileus.  One does not have to declare themself a member of the ILP to use the main features of Egora, but they should be aware that their use of Egora has a direct effect on the proceedings of this political party.  The ILP welcomes your participation because we all benefit by learning from one another!

Egora: Version ∑

While the fully functional Egora is under construction, in its place we have “Egora: Version Sigma”, or EVS.  EVS consists of the two PDF documents below (one for the Idea Dominance Index and the other for the listing of user Ideological Profiles) and the “ILP Members: Egora Discussions” Facebook group (to facilitate user interaction with the two files).  

The purpose of this “proof-of-concept” version is to demonstrate the power of Egora while we gather the funds to build the complete system.  Click “Enter” at the top to donate.

Idea Dominance Index

The Idea Dominance Index (IDI) quickly and simply demonstrates what are the most important ideas among the users of Egora.  In their Ideological Profiles (below), the users assign a point value to each of their ideas.  For all of the ideas that are held in common by at least 2 people, the IDI then lists those ideas according to the total points given by their supporters. 

Please view the PDF document for the most recent Idea Dominance Index:

User Ideological Profiles

An Ideological Profile (IP) is a listing of up to 23 of a person’s ideas, ranging from the most fundamental observations and theories about life and existence down to the most practical applications of those observations and theories in laws and social issues. Thus, the first idea is weighted at 23 points, the next at 22 points, and so on, down to 1 point.  

*All text in the Egora is subject to COPYLEFT, thus able to be copied and repeated by anyone.  Holding an idea in one’s IP does not imply taking credit for the origination or conceptual ownership of the idea.  Any specific concepts/subjects/materials/names included within the text of an idea that are externally protected by copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc. will remain as such.

Please view the PDF document for the most recent Ideological Profile listing:

To have your Ideological Profile created and listed…

Begin the process by contacting the EVS Administrator, Cezary Jurewicz, at Egora.ILP@mail.com, with “New IP” in the email subject field.  You must use your REAL IDENTITY and include your “HOME COUNTRY”.  Egora/EVS is a platform of completely free speech, but free speech is for real people only …real people who can vote somewhere.  

Your request must also include at least one actual idea with the POINT POSITION (from 23 down to 1) that it should hold in your Ideological Profile.

If you agree with the 5 Principles of the International Logic Party, you can also declare yourself as a member of the Party.

To have your Ideological Profile edited or deleted…

Contact the EVS Administrator with “Edit IP” in the email subject field. The email request must contain your user name and either come from a recognized email address or contain your PIN.  

Please be as clear as possible in the changes you are requesting pertaining to which point positions are being affected.  Every transaction can potentially shift ideas on the IDI and so great care must be taken to ensure accuracy.

Like Egora, EVS is completely free…

However, please keep in mind that the purpose of EVS is ultimately to build an automated and fully functional Egora.  Therefore, it is requested that any “Edit IP” submission be accompanied by a donation proportional to the amount of Ideological Profile changes requested.

To be clear, neither EVS or Egora are for profit ventures, but it will take considerable capital to build a networking platform with a user portal.  We enormously value your support towards achieving this goal, and your donations will ensure expedited processing.

Current donation balance towards Egora:

$(-62.67) as of December 1, 2018.  For accounting details please view the “Egora Accounting” document in the “ILP Members: Egora Discussions” group files.