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“Egora” is a contraction of “electronic” and “agora”. “Agora” is an ancient Greek term meaning “gathering place”. For the ancient Greeks the agora of a town served as the center of public life, where people could socialize, do business, and hold discussions. Egora follows in that ancient Greek spirit, but its main function is to enable a new form of democratic organization, one that is rational, efficient, and incorruptible – i.e. Intelligent Democracy.

To explain it most briefly, Egora enables everyone to

  • develop their own political philosophy out of various ideas,
  • determine which ideas are most strongly supported by the people,
  • organize meetings to examine and deliberate any ideas, and
  • use a simple algorithm to find the true representatives of the public will.

However, Intelligent Democracy would not be possible without a community that is dedicated to using reason to make sense out of a chaos. Thus, Egora is actually the home of the International Logic Party (ILP), and we have built Egora to organize ourselves. We want philosophers to have the advantage over demagogues in politics, and Egora makes our mission possible. But you do not have to be a member of the ILP to use Egora. We want democracy to be available to everyone, and we invite you to use Egora to develop and express your philosophy regardless of your affiliations. Furthermore, because Egora technology is so versatile, it is possible for any other community to use Egora to democratically organize themselves too.

Lastly, Egora is free to use and protected by Copyleft. If you are dissatisfied with this Egora, you can create your own version of it, and you can use the code of this Egora to start. Egora welcomes all competition. May the best ideas win!

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