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“Egora” is a contraction of “electronic” and “agora”. Agora is an ancient Greek word meaning “public space”. For ancient Greeks the agora served as an open place for people to do business, to socialize, and to hold discussions. The Egora follows in that ancient Greek spirit, except that it is an internet platform that also enables a rational, efficient, and incorruptible form of political organization – Intelligent Democracy.

As such, Egora is the home of the International Logic Party (ILP), which utilizes the Egora to organize itself. You do not have to be a member of the ILP to use Egora, but be aware that your input has a direct impact on the proceedings of the ILP. Here, your voice has real power, and we want to hear it!

Lastly, Egora is free to use and protected by Copyleft. If you are dissatisfied with this Egora, you can create your own version of it, and you can use the code of this Egora to start. Egora welcomes all competition. May the best ideas win!

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