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International Liberation Task Force to overthrow oppressive regimes

Around the world there are many oppressive regimes that violate the basic standards for a decent human life:
- freedom of bodily autonomy
- freedom of sexuality,
- freedom of gender,
- freedom of philosophy,
- freedom of religion,
- freedom of speech,
- freedom of assembly,
- freedom of travel,
- and freedom of business.
These regimes are not in power because the people want them in power but because one group of people has strategically maneuvered themselves into positions of power, and they violently suppress any opposition to their hegemony.

We, the people of Earth, find this arrangement unacceptable for a number of reasons:
1. We feel a sense of kinship with all people of this world, and we suffer when they suffer.
2. Oppressive regimes suppress people's natural productivity, and we are all made poorer by the decreased efficiency of our collective global society.
3. If we were to find ourselves in a similar situation in the future, we would want others to intervene on our side; but it is unreasonable to expect help against oppression in the future if we do not actively fight it in the present.
For these reasons, we should create an International Liberation Task Force (ILTF) with the sole purpose of overthrowing oppressive regimes. To clarify, the purpose of this ILTF would not be to emplace new regimes or governments, but simply to rid other people of the obstacles to establishing better governance for themselves, based on examples available to them from around the world.

The ILTF would operate as a coalition of military forces from at least three sovereign nations. The requirement of at least three sovereign nations is to prevent inappropriate unilateral action and to maximize chances of success in armed intervention (3 versus 1 is better than 2 versus 1). At the same time, the requirement of only three self-selected actors will prevent bureaucratic paralysis that typically occurs in international bodies––such as the United Nations––which typically results in inaction while thousands of people suffer and die.

The main safeguard to prevent abuse of power by the ILTF will be that the ILTF will not annex, nor plunder, nor colonize, nor rebuild any country it invades; instead, it will only serve to overthrow the existing regime and promptly depart after achieving complete military dominance in the country. The only circumstances in which the ILTF would stay any longer would be to prevent a civil war between the different nations or ethnic groups within the newly liberated country and to facilitate the negotiations for dividing the country into separate sovereign states for each of the newly liberated nations. However, under no circumstances would the ILTF remain anywhere in the invaded territory for more than one year.

To participate in creating the list of which regimes the International Liberation Task Force should overthrow first, join "Regimes to overthrow" Egora community.
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