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Prostitution should be completely legal but financially disincentivized; Dealing with kidnappers and sex-slave traffickers

Section 1.
Very few people [1] who are prostitutes actually want to be prostitutes. Most people do not do it because they love this kind of work but because they are driven to it by financial deprivation or are coerced into it by kidnappers and sex-slave traffickers. The solution to this problem in not punishing prostitutes, nor punishing clients, nor punishing legitimate auxiliary enterprises (madams, pimps, bodyguards, etc.), but rather helping people get out of difficult situations so they do not have to make extremely unpleasant sacrifices.
     Thus, prostitution and all non-coercive auxiliary enterprises should be completely legal. Furthermore, legal residents of a country should receive a Universal Basic Income (UBI) [2] from their government so they can afford the basic dignities of life. People who are not legal residents of a country––especially refugees and victims of human trafficking—should be able to legally work in that country, paying taxes toward the UBI of legal residents, while being able to seek the legalization of their own residency.

Section 2.
Unlike the legitimate prostitution businesses, people who are kidnappers and sex-slave traffickers should be dealt with very severely (along with murderers and rapists). Considering that these people are typically beyond reformation, repeat offenders should be sterilized and banished to a natural location—one that is isolated from society and guarded from re-entry—where they can live out the rest of their lives foraging for survival, including hunting and eating one another.

1.  While this idea is written to be gender-neutral, the reality of the matter is that it applies primarily to women.
2.  For more information on the UBI, search the Idea Dominance Index for “Universal Basic Income”.
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