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Orphaned children are the most vulnerable members of our society, and they must be given by society every possible effort to experience the natural comforts of a loving family and an enriching upbringing.
     The implementation of this goal should primarily revolve around making the process of adoption as easy as possible for any person or couple able to raise children. Naturally, this will involve adequate resources for confirming the performance of such parents.  
     For children who are still unable to find individual homes—in addition to the basic needs of food, shelter, healthcare, and education—we must provide a protective, nurturing, and proactive community.This community would prepare the children for further education, life choices, and career choices.
     Furthermore, such a community must also be attentive to the different comfort and developmental needs of girls/women and boys/men. All of them should be afforded access to being guided by role-models, both within their gender and outside of it. As such, the goal is not just to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the children but also their confidence in their value to others in various aspects of life - social, romantic, economic, political, etc.
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