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Eliminate “Daylight Savings Time”

Daylight Savings Time (DST) is an absurd molestation of our natural bodily rhythm and it disrespects our connection to the natural world. It is irrelevant what the arguments are in favor of DST because the concept is flawed at the core - noon is noon and no one should have the right to manipulate this for anyone else. Granted, the concept of timezones does skew noon for most locations, but it is an extremely important compromise for the interconnectedness of our world, and it is tolerably stable and typically unnoticeable.
     However, if some governments do wish to use their legislative power to shape how people utilize natural light versus artificial light, then the simplest and least invasive solution is to legally stipulate the service time-frames of government-operated or government-funded institutions. As such, institutions of the private sector would still be free to set whatever service hours they prefer but may align with the public sector if they find it beneficial for their operations.
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