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Environmentally-friendly, sustainable energy

In order to reduce the destructive impact of our society on the environment and to enhance the stability of both our society and the environment, we must make immediate efforts to switch the vast majority of our energy infrastructure (at least civilian) to sources of energy that are not destructive to the environment. In the short to mid term, this means relying mainly on energy from these sources: solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, and nuclear fission. In the long term, this means developing nuclear fusion technology for a practically unlimited source of energy.

These goals will be achieved by a combination of the following methods:
1)     We must remove any government subsidies and tax-breaks for energy producers, but especially those using fossil or fission fuels.
2)     We must impose a tax on the extraction of fossil fuels containing carbon from underground deposits, in an amount sufficient to decrease their use to tolerable levels.
3)     We must impose a tax on the extraction of fission materials in an amount sufficient to finance the safe disposal of radioactive waste and the decommissioning of nuclear power plants.
4)     We must provide significant government financing of research into energy storage technologies so that we can take maximum advantage of solar energy and wind energy.
5)      We must maximize the interconnectedness of our power grids to maximize competition among energy producers and to deliver low cost solar and wind power to as many people as possible.
6)     We must establish international agreements to maximally utilize the equatorial regions of the Earth for collecting and transporting solar power to other regions of the planet.
7)     We must provide significant government financing of research into nuclear fusion technology.

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