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All military service should be on a completely voluntary basis

No person should ever be coerced into serving in the armed forces of any country, and a military draft should be considered as unacceptable according to our ethical standards. Therefore, if a country is under attack and must defend itself against aggression, a sufficient military force should be raised solely by relying on market forces, mainly in the form of attractive compensation packages, tiered based on the combat roles and associated dangers. This means that if a country needs to raise an army of 1 million soldiers, then it should pay those soldiers as much as it takes to raise such an army, even if that means paying some of them more than the head-of-state of that country or the wealthiest person in that country.
     These soldier salaries would, in turn, be paid through higher taxes on the country's population, including running a government budget deficit, which is a tax on the future generations, who are also beneficiaries of their country's independence. Additionally, if any citizen or resident of a country wishes to leave the country during the time of such military mobilization, they should be free to do so, but only with the items they can physically carry and with only enough money to survive for 3 months (by domestic standards).
     If a country is unwilling to do this, then it does not deserve to continue to exist.
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