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On Ideal Society

If one wants to idealize society, the focus is on the goals, not the methods. The relevant questions are in line with the following.

What characterizes an ideal society?

How would one tell an ideal society from another that isn't ideal?

There are infinite possible answers.

I propose the following ingredients (properties) for an ideal society:
- Perceived individual benefit of "social contract". Everyone perceives life as better as part of such a society than alone. No one
   sees the cost of belonging as outweighing the benefits.
- Pareto efficiency. Any change decreases someone's utility (e.g., happiness) or doesn't increase anyone's utility.
- Belonging. No one perceives themself as excluded from society.
- Continuous improvement. People want to, and can, engage with envisioning positive changes.

The last point implies that many people could add great ingredients to the above - if allowed.

In conclusion, all political action must pursue a society where the above is true.
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