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One dollar democracy

In my understanding the donations could come from voters in equal amounts, for example , 1 dollar per month from person, by bank transfer. In US it can be a colossal sum. President can be automatically removed if he receives less money then another candidate. So you can get automatic rotation.

To represent at least 50% of population it is possible to organize some council of several executives who will be automatically replaced from some pool of candidates depending on the stream of money from citizens. Every citizen will be able to send only one dollar to only one executive or candidate per month.

The weight of vote of particular member of council can depend on the number of donations he got in the last month.

This approach can be used for all levels of executive power, for example at city council. So the citizen will spend not more then 10 dollars per month to be sure that he is properly represented.

The sums will be so big that it will be enough for advertising, paying for surveys, keeping the offices, etc. Thus the all other types of  donations can be easily prohibited.
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