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Relevance:     Universal
      Win-Win, Top Dead Center, Infinitely Transformative, Perfect Marriage of Freedom with an Eye for Justice and Justice with an Eye for Freedom Ranked Ballot, voters ranking candidates in order of preference to find the most perfect compromise, must inescapably result in Sharing The Work, the workweek attached to the unemployment rate. Easiest to explain "Additive" RB is counting the first choices, and then, if noone has 50%, adding in the next, and so on, till someone, most exactly in the middle, finally does.
     STW would create such prosperity as would amount to virtual GLOBAL Reparations, mean noone would ever have to keep a job they didn't like, or disapproved of, give us All Powers To Their Lowest Appropriate Level, so increase the relative cost of all mechanisms of oppression as to make them prohibitive, end all compulsive careerism, unsustainable growthism, inflation, downturns, make-work, foot-dragging, too big to fail, planned obsolescence, and Global Warming, prevent an organized labor circular firing squad from chasing increasingly empty dollars into the ground, while dragging Freedom-Democracy along with them, give us a safer, fairer and more frugal path thru this and future pandemics, take control of rampant technology, and give workers all the Unity and Liberation they could want.
      RB would also give us such things as random committee assignments, chairs chosen by secret RB of the committee members, bills brought up in number of cosponsors order, heads of controversial agencies approved by supermajorities, consensus chamber leaderships, chosen by secret RB, Women's Equal Representation, one of each district's TWO reps of each gender, and Freedom-Democracy Indexed Tariffs. RB would answer so many questions all at once, the only one left would be how to make up to Blacks and Native Americans.
     By their fruits you shall know them.
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