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The law of Informed Consent

A serious concern people have about government is the overbearing laws that are considered obtrusive and unnecessary. I believe laws should stand up to a simple standard, Informed Consent. For example, if I ask you for money to help pay for lunch and you consent, this is a gift and not subject to any laws. If I ask you for money for lunch but I’m really going to buy a video game, you consent but are not informed. This is fraud and is subject to legal action. If I threaten you and take your money, you are informed but do not consent. This is robbery and illegal. If I break into your house and take money, you are neither Informed nor give consent. This is burglary and illegal.
Other laws should be worded in a way that allows informed consent to be a deciding factor in if an act is illegal. Many jurisdictions have allowed assisted suicide.  The person seeking to end their life has been informed of any treatment options or potential cures for their condition and they give consent to end their life. In this example, other parties are also involved and would need to be informed and give consent. The bank where the patient wishes to take out a large loan without intending to be alive to pay it back is certainly entitled to be informed. As are any parties who will receive the bill for the euthanasia.
There are certain conditions of implied consent. If you choose to live in a country, it can be assumed that you give consent to pay taxes, and be subject to the laws of that country. There are also situations where consent cannot be given. An inebriated or unconscious person cannot consent, nor can someone who lacks the ability to understand the information needed for consent. A child or intoxicated person cannot legally consent to having intercourse.
If there are question about whether a person has the ability to consent or were properly informed would be the subject of court trials if necessary.
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