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On political principles and the politicians that I am missing:

Politics should not be about insisting on a specific method above others. The focus should be on pursuing social well-being. The method should be whatever, at the moment, seems more likely to achieve social well-being.

Politics must be a way of achieving the goal, not an end in itself. Politics should not be a pursuit of power or selfish benefit. Politics should not be a way to solidify beliefs. Politics shouldn't need to be marketed. Politics isn't a commodity to be exchanged on the market. Politics is a pursuit of all. It is not an object that some sell and others buy. True politics is a creation of all.

I propose the following: the ideal party commits to social well-being and rationality; nothing else; and the ideal politician is a true philosopher, ready to challenge their own beliefs at any time.
Egora, “The Worldwide Stock-Market of Ideas”, enables everyone to
– develop their own political philosophy out of various ideas,
– determine which ideas are most strongly supported by the people, and
– find the true representatives of the public will, to elect them into public office.