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On Maximizing Preferences Respect

Each individual has preferences. Many incompatible preferences emerge in a big enough group of people.

A Country State or Federation can allow all citizens to live in a society based on their preferences:

1. Country States convert into a Federation. A Federation dissolves all pre-existing States to give rise to new ones.
2. Each group can ask the Federation for a new State if it wants to try a new society model.
3. Federation decides how big the group of people needs to be to entitle it to a new State.
4. Federation defines borders in proportion to the size of the group in each State.
5. The new States create their laws.
6. Federation verifies if States' laws respect the requirements.
7. Everyone is free from moving to another State.
8. Federation always oversee and enforce 4.

One can presume two benefits:
- All citizens have the chance to fit into its "perfect society" conception
- The process amount to a natural selection of society models. The size of each State depends on the preferences of all Federation citizens. The least preferred society model State does not survive. State society models will adopt any optimal patterns of other State society models. Each generation of the State society models improves (on average).
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