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On animal rights

Humans think of rights, write laws, and apply them. Balancing everyone's rights in society is a way to their health.

There is no society without animals. Thinking of animal rights doesn't reduce "rational" animal rights. Protecting animals protects "rational" animals. It sustains the "rational" nature.

It is irrational seeing no limits to the harm caused to other animals. No benefit justifies arbitrary actions against animals. But such actions may cause damage to the "rational" itself.

Not all "rational" humans share the same qualities, so we need to talk about rights and write laws. Let's talk about it.

States worldwide must protect as many animal rights as their societies can. States must recognize in their fundamental law that animals have rights!

The international community must pursue common ground on animal rights. United Nations must develop a Universal Animal Rights Declaration!

Those are the next step toward a more human humanity!

Writing or talking about Rights can only expand rationality guidelines. Not all will abide by them. But it is a starting point.


I wrote after learning about Portuguese trials of cruel violence against dogs. In 3 of them, the defense appealed to the Constitutional Court, and it ruled out the charge.

The Prosecution Ministry asked that the court rule out the crime against animal law.

The law is eight years old. Congress approved it after a petition signed by 103768 people.

People are on the streets in massive protests in front of the Constitutional Court.
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