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Illusion is everywhere. The world is a smokescreen, mysticism and materialism have long since found their respective limits. The solution is to patch our illusions, to put them into perspective, rather than fight them. The illusion is an artifice invented by mother nature to help us overcome otherwise insurmountable trials. Pregnant women, and young mothers who gave birth to our ancestors in uncertain and terrible times knew something about it. The mystical-religious illusion enabled them to overcome the horror. Without it, without them, humanity would have disappeared. Likewise, the materialistic and scientistic illusion has given us the tools (computers...) which allow us to communicate...and perhaps, perhaps also to achieve the unthinkable!
Egora, “The Worldwide Stock-Market of Ideas”, enables everyone to
– develop their own political philosophy out of various ideas,
– determine which ideas are most strongly supported by the people, and
– find the true representatives of the public will, to elect them into public office.