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Voltaire was very critic about the abuses of religious bigotry and hypocrisy. But he was a believer. Belief and knowledge are similar in a way that 2+2 = 4 is both knowledge and belief. I know 2+2=4 because I can prove it easily. But I also can make an educated guess and "believe" that 2+2=4 is true.
When someone says 2+2=5 and claim his right to "believe" this to be true, in the name of "free speech" or religious "freedom", then a number of issues arises.
One could proclaim could value "Knowledge" over "belief". That would deprive science from "educated guesses". One could proclaim value "Belief" over "knowledge", that would be a great leap backward and the negation of science.
We are torn between "educated guesses" and "likelinesses", as some assumptions are more likely than others to be true. That is, the existence of the proof of any assumption, even the most obvious ones, is limited by time and space. In an abstract and unlimited space, where time has no origin and no end, even the unlikely has at least one chance to happen. Then even the unlikely is either true, has been true, or will be true. The "unlikely" existence of "God" can therefore be considered "true".
However it doesn't give the slightest legitimacy to those pretending knowing "God", or those who pretend speaking in the name of "God".
The reason is an almighty God needs no medium. He could theoretically come down to earth, tear down the sky and speak out in a loud, distinctive voice his message to humans. So why would he use clumsy preachers?
Otherwise, God likely is only an abstract. A "truly" almighty abstract, but an abstract.
This subjectivity, this "almighty abstract" is needed, especially in times of despair, and humanity has already gone trough great times of great despair in history.
The power of subjectivity is "real", as long as it gives us the drive and commitment to go trough what we have to face. It so become an "almighty" subjectivity. When some clumsy preachers proclaim 2+2=5 and send their believers to die in a "holy war" against the Universities, they also act on behalf of an"almighty" subjectivity that is "chaos oriented".
So we live in alternate and potentially conflicting "subjectivities" that are more or less compatible with a peaceful and prosperous society.
Secularism is a way to make coexist peacefully different narratives and "subjectivities" in a society.
Secularism is the contrary of "holy wars".
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