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Ending Theocracy

The only proper state that ensures freedom, fairness, and dignity for all of its residents is a secular state – one that is not influenced by religious beliefs. Therefore we should seek to end all theocracies around the world.

In countries that are already mostly secular with only vestiges of religious beliefs,
– we should replace all references to religious beliefs in official documents with people-oriented ideas, goals, agreements, and declarations;
– we should replace state observance of religious holidays for state employees with 5 personal holidays per year that cannot be refused (except in mission-critical cases).

Relating to foreign countries that are still theocratic,
– a secular country should not offer any foreign aid to the state authorities of those countries until those countries adopt the reformations in the previous section;
– in cases of natural disaster or civil unrest, a secular country should offer assistance only directly to the people residing in those countries;
– in cases of popular uprising against a theocratic government, a secular country should offer military assistance to replace that government––per idea "International Liberation Task Force to overthrow oppressive regimes"––unless it can be foreseen that the next government will also be theocratic and equally or more oppressive.
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