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Relevance:     United States of America
Gun Control and the Right to Bear Arms

Lois Digges Jurewicz

Ownership of guns and similarly dangerous arms should be illegal except in the following cases:

1) Membership in a well-regulated state militia (as ensured in the US Constitution).

2) Membership in a branch of the U.S. military.

3) Membership in legitimate and accountable law enforcement or security.

4) License to hunt (as ensured in some state constitutions or statutory laws).

5) Ownership of a firearm before this law has gone into effect.

In addition,

1) The federal government shall offer to buy back firearms.

2) The federal government shall communicate said offer and provide evidence in research studies and statistics on the risks associated with keeping a firearm in the home to be disseminated at pediatrician offices, libraries, human service offices, and other public areas as appropriate.

3) All residents should be encouraged and incentivized to develop themselves through martial-arts training. Basic knowledge of such training should be afforded to all people as part of the territorial defense and public safety budget.
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