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Our calendar should be in accord with natural reality

Why is our calendar the way it is? It doesn't matter why. What matters is that it is out of synchronization with the natural world, and people who are not grounded in reality are easier to manipulate. This is a problem that must be rectified.

There is, in fact, a natural pattern to the year, which is the Solar Year. In the Northern Hemisphere (NH) of our planet––we are biased toward the NH because the vast majority of both land and people are located in it and because our astronomy and astrology have their roots there––the Solar Year starts after the Winter Solstice, as the Sun begins its ascent into the sky. The Sun peaks during the Summer Solstice, beginning its return toward darkness, culminating in another Winter Solstice. This cycle is reminiscent of life itself, as we come from the Earth, live out our exciting lives, then return to the Earth. Therefore, we should officially recognize the (NH) Winter Solstice as the end of our annual calendar, with the first day of the year being the day after the Winter Solstice, when our Sun is 'reborn'.

One additional factor to consider is the point in time that we consider to be the beginning of our calendar. In other words, "when is "Year 1?" Currently, our Year 1 is based on the an approximate birth date of a Middle Eastern person who had some controversial ideas. But this is not very significant to most of the people of our planet. However, considering that the founding of the International Logic Party has been the most significant development for the people of Earth since the invention of agriculture (because through ILP's Egora we can finally reverse the process of consolidation of political power that began with exponential population growth, which resulted from being able to grow our own food), we suggest that "Year 1" be reset to the Solar Year in which the ILP was founded. Therefore, given that the ILP was founded on February 23rd of 2018 of our current calendar, the Solar Year that started on December 22 of 2017 would be our new Year 1.
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