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Government office should be viewed as volunteer work or "giving back" to the community; not a career.

To support this ideal, 5 changes are proposed:

1. All government officials and employees will be paid the minimum wage of their locality (or less).
2. Any tools and materials required to perform their duties will NOT be paid for by taxes. Officials/employees can petition their locality to voluntarily reimburse them if they wish, but the public is under no obligation to do so.
3. The expected workload of an office's duties will not exceed part-time to allow the official/employee to keep working part-time in a private career if they wish.
4. No taxes may be instituted upon the locality that in total exceed the combined annual salaries of every official and employee of the collecting agency.
5. If more than 2/3 of eligible voters of a locality neglect to vote to fill a particular office in an election, that office will become dormant until the next election cycle. If it remains dormant for three consecutive election cycles due to insufficient voter participation, the office is terminated.
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