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Community Trail Easement for more walkable/bikeable rural townships

An easement will extend four feet from either side of every property line within a township to allow all citizens within the township to freely travel by foot or bike as they wish along the property lines.

This allows many advantages over limiting pedestrian travel to only motor-vehicle roads within townships, such as:
1. Travel distances between any two locations within the township become significantly straightened and shortened, making more motor-less travel solutions possible.
2. Traffic on motor-vehicle roads will be reduced, thereby leading to less wear on roads (and therefore less maintenance costs), less carbon emissions from transport within the township, and less direct cost to citizens by enabling more cheap, motor-less options for them to take advantage of.
3. Using these trails for walking/cycling will be more peaceful and scenic, more shielded from the sun and wind to make for more comfortable travel, and reduce injuries and anxiety from motor-vehicle collisions.
4. A deeper sense of community would be built among the citizens of the township, as much more of the township could be intimately enjoyed by the entire community. Additionally, person-to-person contact would become more frequent as we pass our neighbors along these trails going about our business.
5. A deeper connection with nature could grow within all citizens as use of these practical trails would expose them to the wonders of the outdoors.

Additionally there are some economic advantages:
1. Having robust and plentiful walking/biking trails is attractive to vacationers and hikers who seek the quiet and simple enjoyments of life only the countryside can truly offer.
2. Fewer surveys will be needed in real estate transactions as all property boundaries within the township will be maintained with periodic guide posts to delineate the easement.

A more intangible benefit:
Growing up I had a good friend who lived in a scenic residential community which had a golf course and many other community amenities that could easily be walked to from anywhere in the community. The roads and trails within it were plentiful and made everything very connected. I have such fond memories of walking those plentiful roads with our posse, before any of us had cars, to meet with friends and acquaintances to go to the basketball courts or picnic tables and get involved in all manner of games and mischief. It was absolutely idyllic and delightful. There's such a simple pleasure in walking with friends to accomplish practical matters. Time is slow and plentiful. You find there are so many little worlds to explore and discover. There's no fee or insurance to pay to use it. It's just there if you're there. The cost is only your time. And by my 36 years on this planet surveying the many enjoyments available to us, there are few ways better to spend it.
And today, with this in mind, I think rural communities have an even more heightened experience of this nature available to them. Instead of a web of paved roads, this would be a vast connection of trails paved by nothing more than foot steps and bicycle tires. It would really be an evolution and enhancement of these cherished memories I have. It's more integrated and harmonious with the natural world, and would really provide something special that I don't think this country has seen in hundreds of years.
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