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Monetary Policy; Budget Deficit; Government Borrowing

Section 1.    
The amount of money (hard cash, a.k.a. M-0) provided by a government to an economy shall be an amount that is fixed to the size of the population. Should the size of the population significantly increase or decrease, the amount of money will be adjusted through a popular referendum. In case of an increase of the money supply, the additional money will be distributed through equal disbursements to the population (citizens and permanent residents).  In case of a decrease in the money supply, the money will be reduced by the destruction of the money assets held by the government.

Section 2.
The government shall not operate in deficit, except in times of declared war or national emergency.  Should the government do so, all of the incumbent elected officeholders responsible for the budget will become unelectable in the following election.

Section 3.  
The only proper source of government financing is taxation, fees, and penalties. The government shall never seek to raise revenue by borrowing from within or from outside of its borders. In the events of calamities and war, a nation must prepare for such by establishing good relationships with other nations in advance.
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