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Fairness & Economics; Government & Fairness; Government & Economics

Section 1.
The market system is the only method for a society to relate the value of goods that make life possible, such as food, to goods that make life enjoyable, such as art, in a way that is fair to the preferences of everyone. Thus, the market system should be the basis of any economy.

Section 2.
The government should not play any role in influencing the behavior of market participants by favoring anyone through subsidies, price controls, barriers to entry, or taxes, except those that are necessary for strategic interests of national defense, establishing minimum standards of consumer safety, and accounting for externalities.

Section 3.
There are various methods through which the government can augment market activity for the benefit of the society as a whole and things that the government can do better centrally than citizens can do through free enterprise. However, due to the contentious and circumstantial nature of such mechanisms, they will be left unspecified here.


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