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Name: Alhassan Abdul-Razak
Search Name in Egora: Alhassan Abdul-Razak

1.  Created their own Association Idea: Not yet
2.  ILP membership: Yes
3.  ILP officer petitioner: Yes
4.  ILP candidate: Yes

      The purpose of this "Citizen Assembly Organizers" Egora community is to facilitate the organization of Citizen Assembly as a decentralized network of fully empowered organizers. Citizen Assembly has many different organizers, each with various abilities, skills, levels of experience, and levels of organizational knowledge. Thus, to expedite the sharing and cross-training in all of these areas, we are seeking to ensure that people are widely and diversely connected to one another with a focus on maintaining a manageable number of high-quality working relationships with other organizers (maximum 20).

If you wish to be a part of the Citizen Assembly network of "associated" organizers, first join the "Citizen Assembly Organizers" Egora community by adding it to your list of communities.

Second, make your own version of this "Association Idea" using you own information ("Copy & Edit" button, then personalize the header), and keep it as your (23)-position Community Matters idea.

Third, send your Association Idea to any other CA organizers with whom you would like to be associated. Those who support your Association Idea in their Community Matters have accepted your offer, and they should reply by sending you their own Association Idea. If for whatever reason they have not reciprocated, you may go to their CM profile and support it yourself.  It is recommended that you use positions (20) through (1) for supporting the Association Ideas of other organizers and leave positions (22) and (21) empty. The reason for leaving these two positions empty is that they may be useful for drafting a new Association Idea if your information ever changes.

Fourth, you and your associated organizers are now the "backbone" of Citizen Assembly. You should refer to one another whenever you need help organizing a Citizen Assembly meeting and defer to one another whenever you need information or guidance.

Fifth, as your associated organizers become more experienced, Citizen Assembly depends on you to disassociate yourself from some of them and associate with junior organizers who would benefit more from your knowledge and experience.

Sixth, not all Citizen Assembly organizers have created their own Association Ideas, and may not want to for whatever reason. However, we can still use the Association Idea format to maintain a contact list of them for the purposes of our network. This is why point "1." in the header indicates whether the person referenced has created their own Association Idea (Yes) or whether the particular idea is being used as a contact card (No).
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