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Egora Use Agreement

By this document,     (your name)    ––for the purposes of this agreement, referred to as the “user”––and the International Logic Party––the citizens and proprietors of the Republic of Egora (a.k.a. Egora), represented by the administration of Egora––enter into an agreement on the following terms.

  1. Egora is for real people only.

    A person gains real political power by using Egora, and this power may not be abused. Therefore, everyone must use their real identity in Egora, represented by only one user profile. That being the case, the user consents to the administration of Egora collecting and storing the user’s intentionally provided personal information for the purposes of authenticating the user’s identity now and in the future.

  2. Egora will honor the privacy of the user.

    The Egora administration will never investigate or track any of the user’s personal activity in Egora to exploit the user in any way or to share that data with others. Furthermore, to protect the user's private personal activity, we will not cooperate with anyone seeking to violate it, including other governments and their agencies. Furthermore, if a user maliciously violates the privacy of another user, the administration of Egora reserves the right to delete offending content and to restrict and penalize the offending account.

  3. The user will work only to improve Egora, never to undermine it.

    If the user is dissatisfied with the operations of Egora, they are welcome to try to change them through the established democratic processes of Egora. If the user finds those processes inadequate, the user is welcome to publish their own competing alternative to Egora.

    Never will the user work to compromise the security of Egora from within or from outside. Never will the user sabotage the efficiency of Egora by taking any action against it––including the administration of Egora––such as legal action through any external justice system.

  4. The user accepts responsibility for their own actions in using Egora.

    The user accepts personal responsibility for their own actions while using Egora and pertaining to using Egora. For example, a user will not hold Egora responsible for the happenings of a real-life meeting event that was planned through Egora. Of course, this is not to say that a user cannot hold other users/attendees responsible, as specified by the relevant local laws.

    Furthermore, the user agrees to abide by fair, local laws in using Egora. If the user is suspected of being in violation of such laws, all public information within Egora will be available for the prosecution of the user, and the Egora administration reserves the right to aid external agencies in collecting that information. However, if the International Logic Party agrees that certain laws are unfair, the International Logic Party may assist the user in resisting those laws (until the laws are changed).

  5. Ideas expressed in the user’s Ideological Profile are protected by COPYLEFT.

    The ideas of a user’s Ideological Profile in Egora are subject to copyleft, thus available to be restated and developed by anyone. Expressing even an original idea in one’s Ideological Profile does not imply taking credit for the origination of that idea or claiming ownership of that idea.

    However, any texts that are externally protected by copyrights will remain as such. The user must always abide by the “fair use” doctrine protecting copyrighted works, despite otherwise having near-absolute freedom of speech within their Ideological Profile. The administration of Egora reserves the right to delete ideas from Egora if they are in violation of the “fair use” doctrine.

  6. Ideas expressed in the user’s Ideological Profile will be used by the International Logic Party.

    The ideas of users’ Ideological Profiles will be compiled by Egora into the Idea Dominance Index, thereby demonstrating which ideas are supported most strongly by the users of Egora. The International Logic Party will then nominate candidates for government offices around the world based on the ideas in the Idea Dominance Index. By using Egora you consent to participating in this political process, directly or indirectly.

  7. Violations of this agreement by the user will be penalized internally.

    If the user is found to be in violation of this agreement, they will be prosecuted according to the specific procedures set by the administration of Egora, in accordance with this document.

    The most severe penalty that can be imposed upon the user by the administration of Egora for the violation of this agreement is being publicly exposed to the Egora community. However, a user will never be banned from using Egora or be restricted in any basic (non-ILP) functionality, unless such allowance would conflict with another part of this agreement (especially Section 2).

So agreed on 18/06/2024
    (your name)    
    International Logic Party    

Out of regard for people whose nations do not yet have their own countries, Egora asks for each person’s nation, not country. This is a free-type field, and it is up to each nation to coalesce around the name that best suits them. If you are not sure what to enter, simply put whatever feels right, and you can change it later if you prefer.

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